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We Help Ambitious Experts & Entrepreneurs

Build their authority through speaking so they grow their impact and income

Let me show you how

We Help Ambitious Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Build their authority through speaking so they grow their impact and income

Let me show you how!

Minnie sees the creative vision and potential in you and helps you bring that to life!

Keeley Olivia, TEDX Speaker - 1.7 Million Views To Date

Here's How We Help Our Clients...

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You're A Visionary,

A Changemaker,

And A Trailblazer...

you have the power to transform your industry, disrupt the status quo, and build an empire.

But to achieve all of that, you need to unleash the persuasive communicator within you and learn how to leverage visibility.

With the right mindset, communication skills, and strategic plan you can turn your wildest dreams into reality and become the go-to leader in your field. And that means you get to choose who you want to work with, who you want in your team and what you want to do next.

We empower you to become magnetic!

We can help you can become the magnetic leader everyone wants to work with regardless of your current situation right now. We've helped new business owners through to professional speakers and CEO's upgrade their identity, confidence and communication skills so they can create change with greater ease and flow.

As professional marketers we help you build a magnetic personal brand, we help you discover your authentic purpose-driven message and create bigger opportunities through leveraging visibility strategies like media appearances, speaking and collaborations to grow your authority and credibility.

Your audience are buying into YOU so we can help you stand out from the crowd, showcase your value and dominate your market.

Working with Minnie was the best decision I took in preparation for my TEDx talk.

She is the No. 1 speaker coach I recommend to anyone who wants to take on a big stage, prepare for better presentations and interviews, or better communicate their ideas.

Mahdis Gharaei

Co-Founder & CEO, The Female Factor, & Host Of 'Leaders Talk' Podcast - Austria

There’s always a solution...

If you want to achieve something great you have to become the person who is bold.

We take a holistic approach looking at confidence and mindset, marketing and sales, communication skills, as well as media planning to access bigger stages, confidently handle media appearances including TV, Radio and podcasts so you get clarity on what you need to do to realise your vision.

Finally we help you up level brand visibility and position your offers for increased profitability.

We help you embody the 2.0 version of you who goes for gold!

We understand everyone is at a different stage in their journey with varying budgets and offer a range of support from online community led courses to high-level masterminds and personal mentoring.

Welcome to our site. Have a look at our About page. Click on our Success Stories page and meet some of the people we’ve worked with.

And when you’re ready, either book a call with us on the work with us page, or click below to watch a complimentary training about the exact process we use to help our clients leverage speaking and grow their impact, influence and income.

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Minnie Von Mallinckrodt-Grant

Minnie Von Coaching

Her TEDx Talk Went Viral

Minnie sees the creative vision and potential in you and helps you bring that to life. She helps you overcome your fears so you can deliver that epic talk that lives inside of you. I am eternally grateful for this woman and her support in creating my TEDx talk which had half a million views in a month and 1.7 million views to date.

Keeley Olivia

Sexuality & Relationship Expert, Author, Unleashing The Female O. United Kingdom

From Influential Writer To Professional Speaker

Minnie was recommended to me as one of the best TEDx speaker coaches, and she didn't disappoint. Minnie guided me through my TEDx talk's ideation, creation, editing, and marketing. If she accepts you as a client, she will go above and beyond herself, sharing frameworks and advice for all areas related to your talk. I am deeply grateful for Minnie's support and can wholeheartedly recommend hiring her as your TEDx speaker coach.

Eva Keiffenheim

Consultant | Writer | Educator | Education System Transformation | Salzburg Global Fellow | TEDx Speaker | Austria

Her Story Inspires 247K+ Views

What an amazing experience my TEDx journey was from start to end with the amazing Minnie. I couldn’t of achieved what I did without her expertise and enthusiasm to make my talk inspiring and engaging.

She gave me amazing confidence to believe in myself. She's an absolute delight to work with and I couldn’t recommend enough.

Linda Jones

CEO, The Sales Fatigue Foundation.

United Kingdom