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"After working with Minnie for only a few weeks, I felt confident enough to do a Facebook Live, which resulted instantly in a new client for me."
Natasha Buttler, Marketing & Sales Strategist, Australia

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Minnie Von Coaching

Since 2013 I've been helping mission-led entrepreneurs & executives have executive presence, become compelling storytellers, and communicate eloquently to influence and motivate action.

Sure, this About Page shares a little bit about me, but it's really about YOU.

It's about how you can leverage the knowledge and experience I've gained over the years to finally break through your challenges and achieve the results that you've been looking for.

How it all started

After gaining a degree in Biochemistry & Microbiology I spent 15 years in global sales & marketing for MedTech companies. My career was a dream, I promoted life-saving products and services, worked with incredible people, had amazing results and got to travel the world in style.

But once I had my daughter, my international job wouldn't give me the flexibility I wanted whilst raising a small child. I felt like my husband and I would both end up missing out on those important childhood milestones that you can never get back.

So, I decided to start an agency helping small businesses use social media for lead generation and whilst telling my chiropractor as he was adjusting my back, he said, "I need that, I will be your client" and I was in business!

(That picture is me when I first started my business)

Mindset for success.

During my career I took coaching courses which helped me mentor at work. I loved how coaching focused on finding answers from within. I noticed some clients wouldn't take action and my coaching experiences helped me spot resistance and understand if it was true misalignment, or if they need to reframe their thoughts to help them take action.

I also noticed some clients struggled with presenting both in-person and on-camera. They froze, rambled, lacked confidence, avoided making videos, didn't put themselves forward for speaking opportunities... and it was standing between them and greater success.

One of my skillsets is performing arts, which I've done since a child. I've done LAMDA, Dance and Singing. I know how to project my voice, speak, debate and perform. Working for Fortune 500 companies, I was always presenting complex medical technologies to multiple stakeholder groups.

I could teach these skills to my clients and include the mindset coaching and business strategy to make speaking their superpower to grow their business fast!

Create Authority, Clients & Money Through Speaking

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Building the expertise.

I started running workshops and speaking at events whilst still helping my clients start and grow their businesses. I use frameworks for developing content based in my background in marketing, sales and debating - whilst respecting the nuances of different presentation styles.

I then pitched to run one of my 'performance' workshops for a TEDx event. One speaker overcame stage fright and got 1M+ views of her talk - I earned the nickname the 'speaker ninja'! I became a curator and speaker coach for 4 years working with 60+ speakers and performers who collectively gained millions of views.

Throughout this time I've continued to run my business and master skills in mindset, marketing, selling and personal branding to help clients grow their business.

I've helped sales teams improve their pitching skills, helped CEO's prep for media interviews, aspiring speakers land gigs, I've helped start ups create pitch decks and win contracts, I've coached women to become pageant queens and start charitable foundations. All have grown their impact and income in the process.

Helping you succeed.

By now you are probably asking yourself "what does this have to do with me? I get it, I would too...

Here's the deal.

Whether you love speaking or dread the idea - as a business leader you cannot avoid it - if you are interacting with people then you need to master communication skills to lead your team, your clients and your collaborators.

The common theme I have seen with clients who have mastered speaking the fastest did it through the embodiment mindset work we provide which helps them become the version of themselves that has what they want.

Every client I work with has gained clarity on what they want and come out the other side in awe of what they achieved. I've been doing this for decades in both my corporate career and my business. I'm constantly developing myself, I have a team of experts to help you, and we focus on supporting you to be the best you can!

Your time is now.

Today, I have the honour of working with an amazing community of world-changers.

And I want the same for you...

Imagine if you finally spoke on that big stage?

What if you nailed the pitch and closed the deal?

How good would it be if you could do that on repeat?

The next step is up to you.

Watch my free training, or book a call on the work with us page to get the process started.

Speak soon!

"I was fortunate to work with Minnie on her presentation training course which I found to be very powerful. She has a broad range of helpful frameworks and her practical experience from strategy through structure to stage was evident.

However, what I really valued about working with Minnie was her unusual ability to draw on both her experience in the corporate world and as a marketing consultant to entrepreneurs. If youā€™re looking to step up the impact of your presentations, look no further than Minnie!"

Alan Cucknell

Director, Ignite Exponential & Plextec, | Innovation Expert | UK

Meet the Team

Maria Christie

Mindset Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Maria is trauma-informed and certified in modalities including RTT Hypnosis and Blast Therapy. She works with every client to identify blocks, reframe them and prime them for success.

Georgie Gannon

PR & Events Expert

Georgie has a wealth of experience working for high level brands in PR, Branding, Sales & Marketing.

She helps refine PR positioning and also helps us organise our events, travel and accommodations.

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