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"Minnie sees the creative vision and potential in you and helps you bring that to life!"

Keeley Olivia, TEDx Speaker - 1.7 Million Views To Date


Self-Paced Learning With Q&A

Want to be more confident, master speaking and start speaking on bigger stages so you can share your message, but you're not ready to invest in personal coaching and want to learn at your own pace with community support?

I've taken the processes I use with private clients into a comprehensive training program with bite-sized videos, worksheets and Q&A within a closed community, available at a fraction of the private coaching prices!

Who's Is This For?

  • Experts & Entrepreneurs who want to build¬†their confidence, master speaking and land speaking gigs and media to become known as the go-to expert
  • Learn at your own pace, Q&A with¬†support and accountability within an exclusive community

Results To Expect:

  • Authentic Confidence Course: Mindset training with Hypnosis to boost your confidence, embrace your authentic self, and shift your identity to become someone who can spot and go for bigger opportunities - my clients have landed 6 figure clients from this work!
  • Master Speaking Course: Learn the power of storytelling and develop signature talks, webinars, presentations, pitches, than attract leads and help you close clients. My clients have pitched and won business and used this to create paid keynotes and TEDx talks that have millions of views.
  • Speaker Secrets Course to help you pitch events and media like speaker¬†summits, TEDx events, Pecha Kucha, Ignite, and industry conferences so you can expand your reach and share your message to the masses and solidify your authority.

Application Process:

You can sign up and get immediate access with different payment options.

If you're not sure if this is right for you please message us through our contact form below and we can let you know if this is appropriate for what you want to achieve.

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Personal Coaching

We'll help you craft and deliver your high stakes talk with confidence, charisma and impact.

This is individual coaching along with done with you services where we elevate your mindset, tweak your talk and include ideas to boost engagement and action from your audience.

There's mindset coaching to unleash your confidence, position your value, and give a good performance of your talk, along with support needed for promotion of your talk and advice on video edits when on camera.

You'll have a voice that can impact millions, access better opportunities and command higher fees.

Who's Is This For?

  • Business Owners, Executives, Experts, Novice & Seasoned speakers wanting:
    1. A concise, punchy pitch, presentation, talk, or video script that stays on point and elicits action. This might be a showreel script, a signature talk for keynote opportunities, A TED talk, a webinar, a presentation to generate leads or close sales.
    2. Coaching to develop confidence, eloquence and impactful delivery for the ongoing need to speak to stakeholders or they're speaking live, without notes, and they must nail it first time! (Aspiring Managers, Leaders, Executives)
    3. A high-stakes talk on stage, camera, or hybrid of both (i.e. TEDx events, Ignite, industry conferences, media interviews) and must connect with and impact multiple stakeholders and handle difficult questions on the spot
    4. Corporate training; we offer a range of workshops covering all of the above and can tailor it to suit your needs. Our clients have used this to create talks that generate leads and close deals. 

Results To Expect:

  • Discover... your talk strategy and unique angle that will make you stand out to your ideal audience.
  • Build... your confidence, your voice and your talk
  • Transform... your positioning, ability to persuade and grow your results from speaking

Application Process:

Book a 30m Discovery call & complete the application form so we can prepare. On the call we'll discuss your goals, provide clarity on how we can help and you can decide which (if any) of the personal coaching packages are right for you. There is no obligation to buy and we never pressure you on a call. 

Book 30m Discovery Call

Unsure of what you need? 

Drop us a quick message with your goals using our contact form. We'll be in touch within 24 hours to chat about your needs and point you in the right direction. 

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Working with Minnie was the best decision I took in preparation for my TEDx talk. She has an amazing framework, incredible experience and is the number one speaker coach I’d recommend to anyone who wants to either take on a big stage or prepare for better presentations/interviews in general or simply to work on communicating ideas better.

Thanks for everything, Minnie.

Mahdis Gharaei

Co-Founder and CEO, The Female Factor | TEDx Speaker | Austria


Minnie is a true professional and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. I first read about Minnie in a Woman Who publication and knew I wanted to work with her. I certainly wasn't disappointed. Minnie knows her stuff and provides solid and sound advice to anyone who wants to do more high profile speaking. We worked together over three months. Minnie does dedicate a lot of time and energy to you and wants you to be the best that you can. I achieved far more with Minnie that I could have done on my own. She has really boosted my confidence and enabled me to be clear on my speaking and the messages I want to communicate.

Leyla Okhai

CEO, Diverse Minds | Award Winning CEO & Podcaster | TEDx Speaker | UK


Minnie is a visionary coach who helped me recognize my story and speech before I realized it for my TEDx project in 2018. I highly recommend her work, she will be a force to reckon with for any leader in any industry. In addition, any professional, executive, leader and business owner, she is a perfect coach, if you need to up-level your presenting and speaking skills so you can command any room and get the results you want.

Ayla Annac

CEO & President, InvivoSciences Inc | TEDx Speaker | USA

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