Learn The Secrets I Teach My TEDx Clients So You Can Master Speaking And Advance Your Career Or Business Fast…

Do you watch TED talks in awe?

Hi, I’m Minnie and whether you’re a speaking novice or a seasoned pro – I’ll show you how to speak to become an authority and leader in your niche. 

In this training I explain my 5 step game plan to nail your talk first time…

Whether you want to give a TED talk, or just to blow the audience’s minds at your next pitch, meeting, or conference… and get results fast.

This will be the best 60 minutes you have ever spent on your personal and professional development – watch it now!

You’re an Executive.

A Business Owner. A Professional.

A thought-leader or speaker…


and your success hinges on being able to motivate your audience to take the action you desire…. you know being able to master speaking and present your ideas concisely in a compelling way are vital to your success. 

Your audience are savvy – the days of simply telling people what to do are over.  Your clients, team, employees or followers expect you to show up and share your ideas in a way that shows them why you’re the expert and positions you as the authority and best option. 

We have all witnessed great speakers redefine what it means to be a great leader (think Steve Jobs) and if you’re not showing up as a role model who is confident, compelling and able to communicate your vision to others, you’re career, business and future success will be left to chance. 


We can help.


How many times have you experienced complex, lengthy presentations where you scribble down as much as you can, but only retain around 10% – and how often do you read those notes again? Be honest  – probably never.  If you have fallen into this trap – it’s not your fault.

Most people learn their presenting skills from those around them.  They’ve copied what they’ve seen from peers and superiors, because they want to make sure they get it ‘right’ and follow the norm. Or they have been told to make a presentation using the approved corporate branded template at work. 

You have been conditioned that this is how presentations work… But when you know how to use presenting tools the right way you can move away from over-stuffed boring talks that preach, to one’s that are concise and focus on shifting (and blowing) the minds of the audience.



What we do is different.


We mentor our clients in cutting-edge speaking and presenting techniques that work – so they go beyond simply just ‘motivational speaking’, technically complex presentations, or even teaching. We show you how to convey your ideas so all your stakeholders understand your ideas quickly without forfeiting your credibility.

Most presentations are focused on the speaker and how clever, loud, or great they are…  We shift the focus to the audience and keep the process simple, yet effective. You definitely can be a great speaker and an introvert!  

Our approach is different – we work with every client personally and intimately, holding their hand every step of the way – and we discover what makes them and their ideas unique and how to harness and infuse that into their talks. We coach based on their outcome desired, helping the speaker develop their own style that sets them apart.

We show our clients how to craft passionate, compelling talks that connect with their audience on a deeper level and honour who they are as a confident and authentic leader so they magnetise their audience to act upon their ideas.

Our clients are bright, resourceful and committed to transforming into the speaker they desire to be. Whether that’s overcoming stage fright to give their very first talk, or giving a TEDx talk in one take to a live audience – we’ve got it covered.

Welcome to our website, take a look around and when you’re ready watch our free training and learn our 5 step game plan to ensure you can master speaking and get the results you seek – be that more clients, that promotion or lead the team effectively.


This free training I explains my 5 step game plan to nail your talks first time and finally master speaking.. Click the button to watch.


What Clients say…

Donna Won A Pitch To Speak At ‘Ignite’ And Nailed Her Talk In One Take!

“Minnie’s professional coaching helped me with the fundamental foundations of crafting an impactful presentation for my Ignite Talk – focusing on key components that would capture the audience’s attention immediately and make them lean in wanting more.

Minnie dedicated her time mentoring me, knowing with her unique instinctual approach I had something special that would not only transform my audience…but transcend them to take action. I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone to a whole nutha level with my Ignite Talk “P.E.A.C.E is within Reach”, and I could not have done that without the expert training and facilitating of Minnie’s strategies.   If your Dream is to transform lives through sharing your message on stages around the world, then Minnie is your coach. ” Donna-Leigh Perfect

Co-Founder and Professional Speaker, Dream Guards

Ayla Turned A Complex Subject Into A Compelling Story Anyone Can Understand So She Can Reach More People With Her Message

“Minnie is a visionary coach and helped me recognize my story and speech before even I realized it for my TEDx talk in 2018. She also coached me to articulate the key message in a simple, yet powerful manner to connect with a diverse audience.

She is professional, reliable, caring, ethical yet to the point. She can see the talk in advance and help you create it.  She is a talented, rare individual to work with. I highly recommend her work, she will be a force to recon with for any leader in any industry.” Ayla Annac

CEO, President and Co-Founder, Invivosciences

Mikki Made Her Subject Matter Relevant And Exciting And Attracted Quality Leads & Clients From Her Talk

“This is exactly what I needed! Your course made me dig deep into my ‘why’ and think hard about how to create a powerful message in a style to suit my personality.

You gave me masses of inspiration and all the tools I need to make it a success. Thank you so much.   I would not have been able to do it without you! 🙂 ” Mikki Partridge

Wills & Estate Planner, Mikki Partridge

Melrose Added Giving A ‘TEDx Talk’ To Her Credentials And Learned A Clever Way of Presenting Research Data That Connects With Any Type Of Audience

“This was my first TEDx talk and although I have given many talks in the past to large audiences, knowing the significance and magnitude of the reach of TEDx could have been a daunting experience, yet, Minnie made this one of the most pleasurable and thrilling moments of my life. Her assured, friendly, kind and enthusiastic manner throughout all of the preparation, and at the event itself, instilled a great sense of confidence and calm. She is superb! Her positivity, patience and support never waned. ” Melrose Stewart

University Lecturer & Chartered Physiotherapist, University of Birmingham

Sarah Took Her Speaking To The Next Level Combining Slides, Speaking And A Demonstration – And Launching A New Business From Her Talk.

“Working with Minnie was an absolute delight, the training and advice that she gave were invaluable.

Minnie helped me to shape my TEDx talk and plan my rehearsal routine. She was very supportive and enthusiastic when I was in any doubt. Her mentoring style is friendly yet professional, I really appreciated that she knew exactly when to push and when to step back and let me find my way.

I have done a lot of public speaking in my industry and this is the first time I have worked with a coach, initially I was unsure how I would respond but Minnie’s understanding of the TEDx format was invaluable to me and her coaching very much appreciated.” Sarah Horne

Interior Artist and Florist, Sarah Horne Botanicals

Barnaby Learned How To Channel His Nerves And Give A Confident Performance

“Minnie coached me before I gave my first ever TEDx talk.

As someone who hadn’t spoken publicly to a big audience before I was very nervous, but Minnie quickly taught me very effective breathing techniques that totally changed not only the way I was able to deliver my talk but calming my nerves before my talk.

Minnie delivers her coaching in an exciting and engaging way and I would never hesitate to recommend her.

I hope to work with her again!” Barnaby Lashbrooke

CEO and Founder, Time VA Services

Natasha Niched Her Business And Gave A Talk Which Attracted Clients Worth Thousands On Her First Livestream!

“I cannot tell you how valuable working with you has been for me. I loved it and highly recommend your program.

You gave me confidence and clarity in my speaking. I’ve learned to weave in more storytelling into my talks.  I am confident in my video posts and I’m currently planning my first speaking gig. Thanks Minnie x ” Natasha Buttler

Product Launch Consultant, Boost Marketing

David pushed himself through his comfort zone when he gave his first TEDx talk and the experience transformed his business

“Having worked with a number of coaches over the years I can say that Minnie really stands out for me.

Not only did Minnie take the time to really listen and give me the feedback I needed to support me with a couple of life breakthroughs, she also coached me on my TEDx talk which I could not have been happier with how the talk went.

I would highly recommend Minnie for anyone that is looking for clarity and direction in their life.” David Bentley

Business & Empowerment Coach, David Bentley

This free training I explains my 5 step game plan to nail your talks first time and finally master speaking.. Click the button to watch.

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